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How do you close a gap in your teeth without orthodontics?

You can get veneers or dental crowns to close the gap between your teeth as part of a smile makeover procedure. But you need to know why you have a gap in the first place. Here are three reasons why you have developed a gap between your teeth:

  1. Gum problem. A gum problem causes loss of supporting bone, making the tooth mobile and creating the gap. Therefore, closing the gap is only a short-term solution as the tooth will continue to migrate and create a gap yet again if the gum problem is not addressed.
  2. If the bite is too heavy, the pressure causes the tooth to move and creates a gap. In addition to closing the gap, the bite needs to be addressed.
  3. The size of the tooth is small, if the tooth in question does not have a gum problem or a bite problem, then veneer or crown will be sufficient.

Dr. David Cheng

A practicing dentist with over 30 years of experience and more than 3500 hours of continuing studies. He lives in both Toronto, Canada and Seattle, WA. Besides writing for this website, he practices dentistry in different clinics in Canada and mentors other dentists in the USA and Canada.

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