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What does a dentist do for receding gums?

There are two reasons for the receding gum line. You have a recession because of gum or periodontal disease and the other because of anatomical deficiency. For anatomical deficiency, you can do a gum graft, you can expect 100% of the recession to be covered. In periodontal disease, the level of the root coverage result varies by the amount of bone that is in between the teeth. Types of root coverage procedures, connective tissue graft (your own tissue from the palate), allograft (such as Alloderm, used in the hospital for burn patients), and pinhole gum graft.

Dr. David Cheng

A practicing dentist with over 30 years of experience and more than 3500 hours of continuing studies. He lives in both Toronto, Canada and Seattle, WA. Besides writing for this website, he practices dentistry in different clinics in Canada and mentors other dentists in the USA and Canada.

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